Brown Mongolia Travel Wrap

Our travel wraps are made from non-dyed yak wool sourced from the remote Arkhanghai mountains in Mongolia. Herders in this region comb the down from yaks every spring when the animals shed their winter coat. Combing aids the removal of down in a more natural way than shearing, and ensures that the animal will still be warm even if there is a sudden cold snap. 
We price our wraps based on the scarcity of the fibre. Most yak wool is a gorgeous shade of dark brown, so although our brown wrap is the more common, it still looks and feels great. 

Technical details
100% pure Mongolian yak wool 
Natural brown, non-dyed 71" length x 51" width (180 x 130cm) 10 ounces (285 grams) 
Dry clean only 
Made in Mongolia
Two years ago we set out to make the perfect travel accessory. Something versatile, natural, warm and easy to wear. We partnered with Mongolia's oldest textile workshop, which has been weaving yak wool for years and is extremely knowledgeable about it's properties. Being Mongolian they know a thing or two about what keeps you warm during the winter. 
Our travel wrap is the result of this collaboration - larger and heavier than a traditional pashmina, but lighter than a blanket, it is unobtrusive when packed away yet supremely warm when wrapped around you or worn as a chunky scarf.

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